My NFL Predictions for the 2015 Season Part 1

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Hello World, 

This is my first blog about the crazy, unpredictable nature of the NFL. Firstly let’s start with the teams who’s expectations may be high but I believe will fall to the lower depths of the NFL. I am listing these teams in order from 32 to number 1. This is where at the moment I believe they will finish come the end of the season, so injuries,suspensions and many other factors could change this list,  in the upcoming season. 

The Bottom Feeders! 

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-13

I believe Tampa Bay will have the number 1 overall pick in next years draft at the moment because, even though they have outstanding players such as Gerald McCoy, Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. They have a rookie quarterback, Jameis Winston however good he may be stuck behind an extremely bad offensive line which in the past hasn’t proved a winning combination. So I don’t believe that he can overcome this and drag the Bucs from the 1st pick in next years draft.

31. Tennessee Titans  3-13 

The trend continues, another rookie quarterback another poor record. Both the Bucs and the Titans I believe need what the others has such as, the Bucs need an offensive line at least as solid as the one the Titans have to give Jameis Winston as much time  as he needs to get the ball to his receivers and the Titans need some playmakers like Mike Evans or Vincent Jackson to give their offence some much needed fire power and POINTS on the board. As Marcus Mariota cannot do it on his own especially when he has to throw to subpar players like Kendell Hunter to get the Titans touchdowns.

30. Washington Redskins  3-13 

The disarray that surrounds this franchise at the moment is unbelievable considering what the upside looked like only a few years ago. I believe that the Redskins are a more well rounded team than either the Titans or the Bucs with such high profile names as Desean Jackson,Alfred Morris and Ryan Kerrigan on their roster, but they had virtually no quarterback to play last season with 3 different quarterbacks, so this season as none of the quarterbacks seem to have improved their record will fall. Also I wonder how Jay Gruden has kept his job this offseason as his handling of RGIII last season was biazare to say the least and I don’t see it getting much better playing against the quality teams in the NFC EAST.

29. Cleveland Browns  4-12

The Browns, last season performed well for a stretch at one point being 7-4 I think, so the reason I thinkthey decline so much this season is that although there defence is quite good, they have an extremely weak offence with probably Johnny Manziel having to try and throw touchdowns to Taylor Gabriel. This was few and far between last season in an offence trying hide Brian Hoyer from your eyes, so Manziel who has just come out of rehab and not played a lot of football, I believe will struggle hugely to adapt to a system with not many star names or a quality running game to bail him out and relive some of the pressure.

28. Oakland Raiders 4-12

Many people in the NFL world believe the Raiders will perform better than they did last year and are throwing the names Khail Mack, Derrick Carr and Amari Cooper out as the players that will do this. Now I’m not doubting they are good or even great players but I believe their impact will not make up for the fact the other players on their team aren’t at all as good as them. Also in the offseason where they brought in a new Head Coach, Offensive  Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator which will mean the players have to buy into and succeed in the various systems they implace this season, all of this takes time and I don’t believe the Raiders have what it takes to get past this, especially against a tough schedule.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12

The Jaguars will improve their record from last season, because all of the players that flashed glimpses of talent and ability at us such as Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson, who all have another year under Gus Bradley. Also Blake Bortles will have premier safety blanket at tight end in Julius Thomas, who will also add an experience and leadership to a team needing lots of it. But because of their difficult schedule having to play the NFC SOUTH and the AFC EAST, I believe the Jaguars record will not improve hugely and they will stay as one of the bottom feeders.

26. Chicago Bears 5-11

The Bears will sink to last in the NFC NORTH due to the fact they lost their best pass catcher in Brandon Marshall to the Jets in Free Agency, although Matt Forte is one of the league’s best running backs he isn’t getting any younger and had a league high reception total last year and they had a defence that last season gave up the 2nd most points allowed per game, the 3rd most net yards per game also being 30th ranked overall by the NFL. As they have made no significant changes to this gaping hole on their team in player personnel I believe they will continue on a 5-11 record from last year. 

25. San Francisco 49ers 5-11 

It’s sad to say this a fan of the team but I believe that due to the horrendously wacky offseason they have had to survive through, with retirements left,right and centre, the departure of Jim Harbaugh, Vic Fangio and Greg Roman and all of this whilst playing in the hardest division in football, the 49ers will tumble to the lower echelons of the NFL. Although the arrival of experienced players such as Reggie Bush and Torrey Smith provide some hope, I believe it’s the up and coming players on the roster such as Eric Reid and Carlos Hyde that are going to give the 49ers fans some light at the end of the tunnel.

24. St Louis Rams 6-10 

Every year there is a strange optimism surrounding the Rams organisation, but every year they manage to win from 6 games to 8 games, no more no less. This season I see it being no different because the Rams have one of the worst head coaches in Jeff Fisher and decided to bring in Nick Foles and trade away Sam Bradford. I believe that if there is nothing better out there, then don’t change what you already have! Personally I believe that Sam Bradford even with his injury history, has a much higher upside than Nick Foles who’s production was a product of Chip Kelly’s system.So the Rams will struggle this season especially in a division such as their’s.