My NFL Predictions for the 2015 Season Part 2 

Hello world,

This is part two of my predictions into the 2015 Season. This section is about the next 8 teams in my list. These are the teams that will be left to wallow in the wasteland that is mediocrity in the NFL. They are the type of teams that would be placed in same light that Bad Boyz is in terms of Will Smith performances; they’re not Men in Black but they’re not Hitch. I’m saying that  most of these teams will more likely finish 3rd in their division and be planning for next season by Week 16.


23. Atlanta Falcons 7-9

This year the Falcons will falter in their quest to go to the playoffs and enter the awkwardness of 7-9. This will happen due to their ongoing questions at offensive line and not having another star offensive weapon to attract the double teams away from Julio Jones. Who himself isn’t Ironman when it comes to injury and if he does go down this season, the Falcons might find themselves in a much worse position than 7-9. Although they did draft well getting Vic Beesley in the first round, who hopefully will provide their defence with a capacity to rush the quarterback this season unlike previous years.

22. Houston Texans 7-9

As you can guess I’m going to sing praises of the Texans but not give them an offseason birth or even a positive record. The Texans have the best defensive player in football who will have an even better season than last, as Jadevon Clowney wil be back to his ferocious best, leaving Watt in a position to thrive. Unfortunately I don’t believe that with Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallet, the Texans can be steady enough to get to double digit wins this season, as Hoyer faltered late last season with the Browns, I can’t see him getting any better even with the upgrades the Texans have over the Browns.

21. New Orleans Saints 7-9

Last season the Saints dropped off from their usual standards, and finished 8-8 with star quarterback Drew Brees seemingly error prone down the last stretch. So with the team losing key players Jimmy Graham, Kenny Stills and Junior Gallette this offseason, I believe the coaches; Sean Payton and Rob Ryan need to step up big time to make this Saints team perform to at a playoff standard and unfortunately I don’t believe they can with this depleted roster.

20. New York Jets 8-8

The Jets this season have a top 6 defence in my eyes after the “homecoming” of Derelle Revis to sure up a shaky secondary last season and the 1st round pick of Danny Shelton who I predict is going to cause mayhem this is season with 7 sacks. It’s just as it always has been, the Jets don’t have a quarterback to just carry the team and put up about 200 yards passing and 2 TDs they’re always so inconsistent and this season I expect nothing more from Geno Smith who will stay the starter but outside the team on his back and into the playoffs.

19. Buffalo Bills 8-8

It all hangs on the quarterback for this Bills team after their amazing offseason, after they brought in star player after star player such as LeSean McCoy, Percy Havin and Charles Clay, as well as keeping the fierce front seven that finished with the most sacks last season and finally bringing in Rex Ryan from the Jets to replace Doug Marrone as Head Coach to add some steel and fire to the locker room. With either Matt Cassel, Ej Manuel or a long shot being Tyrode Taylor lining up behind centre I’m not expecting any of them to deal with the pressure that the team will be under. In the end all of them will start a few games at some point with none of them majorly  impressing to keep their job and guide the Bills to the playoffs, leaving the Bills out of the playoffs once again.

18. Denver Broncos 8-8

At the start of last season the Broncos started like a house on fire and they looked very likely to return to the Super Bowl. But then either Peyton Manning started to feel the effect of his quad or groin injury or just as all old quarterbacks do, his ability fell off a cliff. So this season with no well known running back to start the season the Broncos need the Manning of old to appear or they will finish with an 8-8 record, 3rd in the AFC WEST and miss the playoffs for the first time in five seasons. Signalling the end of the Super Bowl period that John Elway brought Peyton Manning in for and maybe Peyton’s career…..

17. Carolina Panthers 9-7

The Panthers have one of the so-called top 12 quarterbacks in Cam Newton and  arguably best linebacker in football being Luke Kuechly. So as usual the Panthers will rely on their home games this season to rack up their wins. But without a bevy of weapons on the defensive side of the ball to help their superstar player, the Panthers will just finish ahead of the Saints. But will fall in the second round of the playoffs as the lack of a considerable playmaker at running back will allow the their opponents to just lock down on their very talented receivers and nullify their ability to move the ball.

16. San Diego Chargers 9-7

The Chargers have one of the best in Philip Rivers and this season I’m predicting a huge season for Keenan Allen who I believe is vastly underrated as wide receivers go. But as they have lost Antonio Gates for the start of the season and badly need Melvin Gordon to play well to absorb some pressure off Rivers. I believe that the Chargers’ defence isn’t going to take many big steps this season with only Eric Weddle having a season of any importance last year and not having many big names that will make plays to get points on the board. So the Chargers will just miss out on the playoffs this year. 


2 thoughts on “My NFL Predictions for the 2015 Season Part 2 

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